CableWake Systems

Wakeboarding System Development Company

Cablewake Systems is a Croatian based company that provides a full service in wakeboard and waterski cable project development. We provide project management services from design and production of materials all the way to marketing planning and workforce training. In our three year experience we cooperated with the best producers in the industry and as such we are in tune with the industry standards and innovation possibilities. We make an effort to cooperate with the client from the very beginning of project planning and the way to the last days of testing and cable opening. We provide a turn key project delivery or the Client can choose to book any of our services separately. Please feel free to drop Us a line if You have any questions or an idea for a project.


Here is the list of some services we provide:

  • Location support (lake building, island construction, lake choice)
  • Cable parts production and construction (Instalation and Cable parts supply from the best cable producers in the world )
  • Project management (Collection of necessary documents and licenses, construction oversight, obstacles delivery and installation)
  • Obstacle placement planning and delivery ( HDPE welded obstacles)
  • Sponsor acqusition support
  • Marketing and PR planning
  • Video and Photo Production support
  • Employee training and support
  • Regular servicing and spare parts procurement
  • Annual conservation during off season periods


Wake Park Jarun, Zagreb, Croatia

South Wake Park, France

TNS 73 Savoie France